23 100% Bonus Usable Fantasy Apps 2022 (Updated)

Over the last few years, fantasy apps gained more popularity. The journey has started after Dream11 come into the market. It is made for those who are ultimately passionate about sports especially cricket.
At the fantasy app, users can create their dream team and play the ongoing matches. Nowadays there are so many fantasy app has come into the market which has some good features that offer to play several fantasy sports like cricket, football, basketball, soccer, kabaddi, and more popular sports.
100% Bonus Usable Fantasy App 2021
As we know fantasy apps are investment-based gaming so users need to pay the entry fee to participate in the leagues. As per your ability, you can prefer low entry fees contests, there are some apps that offer to use 100% bonus to join any league. I have listed below some latest fantasy apps which offer the same benefits

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a skill-based game where knowledge is used to play it. A true cricket lover who has good knowledge of sports can create his/her dream team with 11 players and play the upcoming matches on the fantasy app. During the live match based on the selected player’s performance on the field, participants can score points and win the match.
Every league offers to be won cash rewards and more exciting prizes, participants can win money by playing the matches’ contests. And the winning money can be withdrawn directly to the participant’s Bank account.

How To Play Fantasy Leagues?

In order to play fantasy leagues, you have to download the fantasy app on your smartphone and register your account.
Here are the next steps to follow-

Select A Match: 

You will see many fantasy sports on the dashboard. Select an upcoming match from the dashboard which you wish to play.

Create Your Team: 

You are allowed to choose your favorite players for creating your own team. You can select maximum of 11 players which can be created with an average of 1-6 Wicket Keepers, 1-6 Batsman, 1-6 All-Rounders, and 1-6 Bowlers including Captain and Vice-Captain.

Join A Contest: 

There are so many contests available to be joined you can choose any contest which you want to play. Pay the entry fees and join the leagues or you can use your sign-up bonus to play the leagues.
There are so many fantasy apps are available on the market which offer 100% of the bonus to play the league. Here I have picked some latest fantasy apps which are the best for all in one fantasy gaming.

100% Bonus Usable Fantasy Apps 2022

Sl NoFantasy App100% Usable Bonus
14Fantasy Akhada₹500
15TeamOfSkill (TOS)₹50
16Kubera Fantasy₹50
18Choic11₹100 Bonus

1. Jeet11

Jeet11 Referral Code
Jeet11 is the latest fantasy gaming app offers to play fantasy cricket, football. At Jeet11 you can use your 100% bonus to play any league. It has a good user interface design, low entry frees that can improve your gaming experience.
Apart from Fantasy Sports, you can also play mini cricket games as entertainment as well as for making some bucks.
  • Jeet11 Referral Code: BIJOF27F
  • Jeet11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹10 Cash & ₹50 Bonus
  • Referral Bonus: ₹100 Bonus

2. Real11

Real11 Fantasy App Referral Code

Real11 is the fastest-growing fantasy sports platform where you get the best fantasy games at your fingertips. It offers the best gaming experience to users and help them to enhance their skills by creating a learning environment that facilitates practice. Real11 enables to enjoy cricket/football, make fantasy teams and win real cash daily.
  • Real11 Referral Code: Eu4c09zB7r
  • Real11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹50 Bonus
  • Referral Bonus: ₹50 Bonus

3. Sport11

Sport11 Referral Code :75D3E8
Sport11 is one of the latest fantasy app most beloved site in India which enable to play fantasy cricket online. Made for cricket lovers can show off their cricket knowledge with the community. Sport11 has some unique features that you will surely be loved.
  • Sport11 Referral Code: 75D3E8
  • Sport11 App Download: Click Here
  • Signup Bonus: ₹100
  • Referral Bonus: ₹50 (Withdrawal)

Read Full Article: Sport11 Referral Code: 75D3E8, App Download, Free ₹100 Bonus, Refer & Earn Money

4. Fans2Play

Fan2Play Referral Code: f2ps5jxz
Fan2Play a new fantasy gaming app launched in 2020. It allows playing two types of fantasy sports like cricket and football. In addition to playing classic fantasy, you can challenge each other.
With Fan2Play, one is not concerned with picking a complete playing XI instead you can create your team consisting of 2 or 3 or 4 players and you are all set to take the panga.
  • Fan2Play Referral Code: f2ps5jxz
  • Fan2Play App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹20
  • Referral Bonus: ₹25

5. FanFight

FanFight Referral Code
FanFight Fantasy app is one of India’s finest fantasy sports portals if you have good knowledge in cricket, football and basketball then you become a champion. You have to create your own team using your knowledge and join the upcoming league. If your team wins the match or got high scores you will win real money.
  • FanFight Referral Code: VAB982
  • FanFight App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹50
  • Referral Bonus: ₹100

6. RotoBash

RotoBash Referral Code, RotoBash App Download
RotoBash is a newly launched fantasy ap[ app made in India which enables to play fantasy cricket online. Basically, it’s a skill-based game that offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge.
  • RotoBash Referral Code: DEALBRICKS
  • RotoBash App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹100
  • Referral Bonus: ₹100

Read Full Article: RotoBash Referral Code: DEALBRCKS, App Download, Free ₹100 Bonus (100% Usable)

7. League11

League11 Referral Code, League11 Apk Download

League11 is a Fantasy Sports Platform that focuses on providing a smooth user experience to the users and providing them a platform with Low Investment Fees and Higher returns on investments. At League11 users can play several fantasy sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Rugby, Baseball & Hockey.

  • League11 Referral Code: Q9SN71I6H1
  • League11 App Download: Download
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹10
  • Referral Bonus: ₹10

Read Full Article: League11 Referral Code, Apk Download & Free ₹10 Bonus (100% Usable)

8. Kaptain11

Kaptain11 Referral Code, Kaptain11 Apk Download

Kaptain11 is an all-in-one sports needs fantasy app which some cool features like KBuzz, Live Scores & ballbyball updates, full scorecards & Match Reminders, Kaptain 11 is designed to make you feel like a True Kaptain. Kaptain11 enables you to play fantasy cricket, football, basket & kabaddi online.

  • Kaptain11 Referral: Y4FVEHQM
  • Kaptain11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹50Referral Bonus: ₹100

Read Full Article: Kaptain11 Referral Code, Apk Download & Free ₹50 Bonus |100% Bonus Usable

9. 11Wickets

11Wickets Referral Code

11Wickets is a popular fantasy crickets app that offers to play fantasy cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi on the smartphone. It’s an online gaming platform where the users create a virtual team with 11 players whiches are real and participate in the upcoming leagues

  • 11Wickets Referral: c0060cc
  • 11Wickets App Download: Click here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹500
  • Referral Bonus: ₹500


DotBall Referral Code
Dotball is a 360-degree fan engagement platform for cricket. Dotball provides the means for you to experience the real DREAM, real FANTASY.  At DotBall you can use of 100% bonus to play fantasy cricket.
  • DotBall Referral: #DBBijoyBarai6791
  • DotBall App Download: Click here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹51
  • Referral Bonus: 26

11. SportzXchange

SportzXchange Referral Code

SportzXchange is a new fantasy gaming app in India, allows to play fantasy cricket leagues. It has a simple user interface design which makes it easier to navigate everything. At SportzXchange users can use 100% bonus amount to play the leagues and earn withdrawable real by referring friends. User can withdraw their winning balance to Bank account instantly.
  • SportzXchange Referral Code: B.BAR3OJBPLA
  • SportzXchange App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹150
  • Referral Bonus: ₹20 Real cash

12. Ninja11

Ninja11 Fantasy App Referral Code

NINJA11 Fantasy League is a dream come true for the users, as they get an excellent chance to choose their ideal players alongside you can even earn points by winning the contest or a bonus by inviting a friend. After winning users switch to withdraw the earnings, with an easy withdrawal request procedure. As soon as the withdrawal request gets approved, your registered bank account will be verified to transfer the earnings into your account.

  • Ninja Referral Code: MN6V2
  • Ninja11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹200
  • Referral Bonus: ₹100

Read Full Article: Ninja11 Referral Code: MN6V2, Apk Download, Free ₹200 Bonus (100% Usable)

 13. MyPowerPlay11

MyPowerPlay11 Referral Code

MyPowerPlay11 is a game of skill and participants who are joining this fantasy sports platform are participating in sports leagues to win some exciting cash prizes. The game of skills means the users who are participated in the sports leagues are winning the amount from their sports knowledge, skills and it does not depend on the luck of the participants.

  • MyPowerPlay11 Referral Code: BIJZAN40323
  • MyPowerPlay11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹60
  • Referral Bonus: ₹20

Read Full Article: MyPowerPlay11 Referral Code: BIJZAN40323, Free ₹60 Bonus (100% Usable)

14. Fantasy Akhada

Fantasy Akhada Referral Code

Fantasy Akhada is a best platform for beginners who loves to play fantasy sports because It offers to use 100% bonus as well as offers low commission entry free and fast withdrawal. Download the app and sign up with the referral code and get ₹500 bonus, invite your friends and get ₹250 for every friend’s sign up.

  • Fantasy Akhada Referral Code: DEALBRICKS
  • Fantasy Akhada App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹500
  • Referral Bonus: ₹250

Read Full Article: Fantasy Akhada Referral Code: DEALBRICKS, App Download, Free ₹500 Bonus (100% Usable)

15. TeamOfSkill (TOS)

TeamOfSkill (TOS) Referral Code

TOS full name TeamOfSkill is a fantasy gaming app made in India and similar to others fantasy apps. It enables to play T20, ODI, Test matches and offers cash rewards in winnings. At TOS fantasy app users can use 100% bonus on the selected contest and withdraw money in Paytm wallet and Bank account.

  • TOS Fantasy App Referral Code: 8W6OVKYSEW
  • TOS Fantasy App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹50
  • Referral Bonus: ₹50

Read Full Article: TeamOfSkill (TOS) Referral Code, App Download, Free ₹50 Bonus & 100% Bonus Contest

16. Kubera Fantasy

Kubera Fantasy App Referral Code

Kubera Fantasy is new fantasy app where you can play cricket, football matches. Just create your team and play fantasy leagues on your smartphone. At the Kubera Fantasy app you can use 100% bonus amount on the selected contests. It offers the lowest entry fee and less competition contests where you have maximum chances to become champion.

  • Kubera Fantasy App Referral Code: 8W6OVKYSEW
  • Kubera Fantasy App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹50
  • Referral Bonus: ₹25

Read Full Article: Kubera Fantasy App Referral Code, App Download, ₹50 Sign Up Bonus (100% Usable)

17. QuickWin11

QuickWin11 Referral Code

Quickwin11 provides you the opportunity to feel the zeal of REAL CRICKET on your fingertips. At QuickWin11 you can create your own dream team and play the upcoming cricket matches.

QuickWin11 allows to use 100% bonus amount on selected contests, and offer low entry fees to join in leagues. So download the app from the given link below you will get ₹100 bonus which you can use to play leagues.

  • QuickWin11 Referral Code: QW11773267
  • QuickWin11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹100
  • Referral Bonus: ₹100

Read Full Article: QuickWin11 Referral Code: QW11773267, App Download, Free ₹100 Bonus

18. Choic11

Choic11 Referral Code, App Download

Choic11 is India’s most trusted fantasy sports game app. Lowest entry fees guaranteed. It offers all the Cricket Series, many users playing Fantasy Cricket. Choic11 aims to provide the best fantasy sports platform to its users and build a sports community where people can share their ideas by taking part in online fantasy cricket.

  • Choic11 Referral Code: 02YTQBSM22245
  • Choic11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹100 Bonus + ₹10 Deposit cash
  • Referral Bonus: ₹100 Bonus + ₹15 Deposit cash

Read Full Article: Choic11 Referral Code, App Download, Free ₹110 Bonus (100% Usable)

19. FantaFeat

FantaFeat Fantasy App Referral Code

FantaFeat is a trusted fantasy app in India. It is all in fantasy gaming app that offers to play up to 9 types of sports such Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, Kabaddi, NFL and Handball. It is very good user-friendly and effective. At FantaFeat you can use your 100% bonus to join leagues, also you will get upto 100% bonus on the first deposit.

  • FantaFeat Referral Code: FF44314318B
  • FantaFeat App Download: Clik Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹100
  • Referral Bonus: ₹100
  • FantaFeat Minmum Withdrawal ₹200

Read Full Article: FantaFeat Referral Code: FF44314318B, App Download, Free ₹100 Bonus, (100% Usable)

20. FreeHit

FreeHit Fantasy App Referral Code

Freehit is India’s fastest growing fantasy app, it allows to play Cricket, Football and Racing sports. Freehit offers the 100% prize pool distribution on the contests conducted and is a one-of-a-kind platform with Instant withdrawal expediency to substantiate your winning feat and aid you 24/7 to avoid any impediments.

  • FreeHit Referral Code: DEALBRICKS
  • FreeHit App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹300
  • Referral Bonus: ₹300

Read Full Article: FreeHit Referral Code: DEALBRICKS, App Download, Free ₹500 Bonus (100% Usable)

21. Fant11

Fant11 Fantasy App Referral Code

Fant11 is a new fantasy app in India, it allows to play cricket, football matches. It has a user-friendly interface you can manage everything easily. You will get cash bonus on every deposit and you can withdraw your winning money instantly into Paytm wallet, Bank account, GPay and UPI.

  • Fant11 Referral Code: DEALBRICKS
  • Fant11 App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹50
  • Referral Bonus: ₹111

Read Full Article: Fant11 Referral Code: DEALBRICKS, Apk Download, Free ₹50 Bonus (100% Usable)

22. FantasyDangal

FantasyDangal Referral Code

FantasyDangal is a new fantasy app in India, best for cricket fans. It is easy to use, offers to use 100% bonus amount, lastest offers on deposit. At FantasyDagal you can withdraw your winning money into your Bank account instantly.

  • FantasyDangal Referral Code: H8WC1OKD
  • FantasyDangal App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: Upto ₹350
  • Referral Bonus: Upto ₹350

Read Full Article: FantasyDangal Referral Code, App Download, Free Upto ₹350 Bonus (100% Usable)

23. SuperBaazi

SuperBaazi Referral Code

SuperBaazi is newly fantasy app where you can play daily sports leagues to become a real-time cash winner. My Super Baazi is a platform that allows users to pursue their dreams by making a leader of the team showcase their skills and knowledge.

  • SuperBaazi Referral Code: K2B3FHC521912
  • SuperBaazi App Download: Click Here
  • Sign Up Bonus: ₹25
  • Referral Bonus: 10% Upto ₹100

Final Words

Here I’ve provided the 10 latest fantasy apps which offer to use of 100% sign-up bonus to play the fantasy leagues on the app. We love to hear from you if you have any suggestions you can comment here. For any quarries you can contact us at [email protected], Thank you!


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