BankOfTron40 Faucet Refer Earn Free TRX Token

BankOfTron40 Faucet App, BankOfTron40 Faucet refer earn, BankOfTron40 Faucet withdrawal process, Free Cryptocurrency earning app 2021- Cryptocurrency is now the most trending topic on the internet, there are some people are investing money in Cryptocurrency. If you heard ever about Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB etc then must know the value of Cryptocurrency. 

Here I'm talking about a Cryptocurrency that is TRX currently which value is almost ₹10 in the market. In this article discussing about BankOfTron40 this is an automated Faucet where you can earn 15 TRX tokens worth ₹150 just by visiting BankOfTron40 every five minutes. You will 0.5 TRX every five minutes you visit. By Getting referrals you’ll receive 25% of each claim your referrals get , Get more referrals, earn more TRX.


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How To ₹150 Daily From BankOfTron40 Faucet?

1) First of all, download the Trust Wallet app from here Download

2) Install, open the app and Create A New Wallet if you don't have

3) Then copy the all recovery words and note down anywhere

4) Next page arrange the all words which you have note down by following the all recovery words

5) After complete this process your wallet will be successfully created

Note: Don't share with anyone your recovery key or password otherwise you can lost your Crypto balance.

7) Now on the dashboard just click on 'Recive' option

5) Then search for TRX coin (TRON) and select that

6) Copy your TRX (TRON) address and note down it anywhere

7) Now copy the given link bellow and open the Trust Wallet app again

8) Tap on DApss tab and paste the link in your Trust browser

9) Open the page and click on LOGIN button

10) Now paste your TRX (TRON) address, fill the capcha and click on REGISTER/LOGIN

11) One every five minutes click on Claim Now button

12) You will get 0.05 TRX token in your wallet every five minutes you claim

13) You can earn maximum 15 TRX Tokens every day

14) Refer your friends and you will receive 25% of each claim your referral get, get more referrals and earn more TRX

14) Minimum withdrawal is 15 TRX which current price is ₹10 INR dated 13th April 2021

15) You can transfer your TRX tokens to any Cryptocurreny exchanger link WaziX etc.

16) Withdrawal process is very easy if you need demo then comment bellow

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