Flipkart Bid And Win Answer Today- Win Exciting Rewards


Flipkart Bid And Win Answer

Bid And Win Answers Today, Flipkart Bid And Win Answers, Flipkart Bid And Win Answers Today–  Play Bid And Win Show and win exciting rewards dailyFlipkart brings varieties contests on the Flipkart app. Where you can play Quiz and win exciting prizes, Flipkart gift vouchers, gems & more prizes. Here is another game on the Flipkart app, Bid And Win Show. Place a Bid guessing the product’s price and get a chance to win the product and the remaining winners will win Flipkart Gift Vouchers. 

Flipkart Bid And Win Answers

How To Play Flipkart Bid And Win Show Game-

1) First of all, open the Flipkart app

2) Log in your account

3) Click on the ‘Games’ tab

4) Scroll down and you will see the “Bid And Win Show” banner

5) Click on the banner and start playing the game

6) Guess and place the right bid of the product

7) After placing the bid wait for the result then click on the ‘Claim Your Reward’ option

8) If you get lucky then you can win the product or Flipkart Gift Voucher


50 Winners- 1000 Gift Vouchers 

Remaining Winners- 100 Gift Vouchers

Mega Prize- Lenovo Smart Clock

Flipkart Bid And Win Answer- 7th May

*Place A Bid for Lenovo Smart Clock

My Bid- ₹4,300 (Select Your Own Bid)

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