Intermiles Weekly Quiz Answers

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Intermiles Quiz Answers

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Intermiles Quiz Answers 13th - 19th May 2021

1. This UNESCO World Heritage site in Delhi is the final resting place of the great grandfather of Emperor Shahjahan

Answer- Humayun’s Tomb

2. Which country gifted “The Statue of Liberty” to USA?

Answer- France

3. Where are the famous Khajuraho Sculptures?

Answer- Madhya Pradesh

4. The Baltic States refer to which countries?

Answer- Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

5.  Which of these countries is also known as “Nippon”?

Answer- japan

6. Which of these is a UNESCO world heritage site?

Answer- All of the above

7. Ustad Ahmad Lahori was the architect of which monument?

Answer- Taj mahal

8. A monument & Mosque located in Hyderabad is now incorporated as the state emblem of Telangana?

Answer- Charminar

Intermiles Quiz Answers 6th - 12th May 2021

1) Who's the coach of the Indian Women's National Cricket Team?

Answer- Woorkeri Raman

2) Harold (*Dickie*) Bird is best known for his career in cricket as?

Answer- An umpire

3) In which year were the first laws of cricket believed to have been written?

Answer- 1774

4) Then first ever women test match played was in between...

Answer- England and Australia

5) What is the slang term given to a ball that is bowled so well that it is considered unplayable by the batsman?

Answer- A jaffa

Intermiles Quiz Answers 29th April - 5th May 2021

1. Who scored the most International ODI runs (443 runs) for India in 2020?

Ans: K L Rahul

2.  Who, in the Indian cricket team, beat MS Dhoni’s record for most no. of fours in 2020?

Ans: Virat Kohli

3. Who hit the most sixes (16) for India, in ODI matches, in 2020?

Ans: KL Rahul

4. While Bumrah was the top Indian wicket-taker in IPL 2020, who finished second behind him with 21 wickets?


5. Who is the T20i captain Indian women’s national team?

Ans: Harmanpreet Kaur

6. The Indian women’s national cricket team made its debut in which year?

Ans: 1976

7.  Who from India’s women cricket team ranks 1 for bating in T20

Ans: Shafali Verma

8. Who was the Highest Indian wicket-taker in ( 27 Wickets) in IPL 2020?

Ans: Jasprit Bumrah

Intermiles Quiz Answers 22th - 28th April 2021

1) She is primarily a wicketkeeper, made her debut in women's twenty20 international Cricket in 2028 against South Africa & was named in Indias squad for ICC Women's T20 World Cup in 2020.

Answer- Taniya Bhatia

2) Who was the first overseas player to captain Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals)?

Answer- James Hopes

3) Which player never captained Pune Warriors India

Answer- Michael Clarke

4) Which season(s) had the greatest number of hat-tickets?

Answer- 2008 and 2018

5) Who is the youngest Women Indian cricketer to score an International fifty for India?

Answer- Shafali Verma

6) Which team has never made the IPL final?

Answer- Delhi Capital

Intermiles Quiz Answers 15th - 21st April 2021

1) What is the part of the field on the batsman's leg side, between deep midwicket and log on, called?

Answer- Cow Corner

2) Which of these countries is not an associate member of ICC?

Answer- Cuba

3) Which test series is said to be an,ed based on a mock obituary published in a newspaper?

Answer- The Ashes

4) Kings XI Punjab ic Co-owned by which celebrity?

Answer- Perity Zinta

5) If a none-stricking batsman is run out by the bowler, while backing up before the delivery is bowled, what is the informal term called?

Answer- Mankading

6) How many runs are awarded in case the ball strickes a helmet lying on the ground?

Answer- 5

Intermiles Quiz Answers 8th - 14th April 2021

1. What country are you in if you are snorkelling in the coral reefs of Negril?

Ans Jamaica

2.  What country are you in if your trekking through Machu Picchu?

Ans Peru

3. What country are you in if you are visiting the oldest and biggest man-made structures on the planet which is at least 6,352 km long?

Ans China

4. What country are you in if you are visiting Waiheke Island?

Ans New Zealand

5. What country are you in if you are in Quito?

Ans Ecuador

6. What country are you in if you are sightseeing at the incredible cathedral, La Sagrada Familia?

Ans spain

7.  Which country are you in if you are cage diving in the cape of good hope?

Ans South Africa

8. What country are you in if you’re at the burial site of Carolus Magnus king of the Franks?

Ans Germany

Intermiles Quiz Answers 1st - 7th April 2021

1. Which of the following is NOT an Indo – European language?

Answer- Korean

2. Hakuna matata ( meaning no worries ) was a phrase made popular around the world by the Lion King , but which language is it ?

Answer- Swahili

3. Which of these countries does not list Russian as an official language ?

Answer- Romania

4. Cerveza means beer in which language ?

Answer- Spanish

5.What language family do English , Yiddish and Norwegian all belong to ?

Answer- Germanic

6.In which region can you find a remote colony of Welsh speakers ?

Answer- Patagonia

7.Which of these languages uses the Latin alphabet?

Answer- Indonesian

8.what percent of the world’s languages are expected to disappear during this century?

Answer- 50%

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