(Exclusive) Trick To Get Netflix Subscription For Free


Netflix Premium Subscription For Free

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Netflix is the most popular video streaming website in India, you can watch blockbuster movies, web series and tv shows online. You need to purchase Netflix membership to enjoy Netflix content. Generally, Netflix membership plan starts from Rs 199 for one month on the mobile device and there are more plans available for pc. Netflix offers free trial for new customers for one month. You can enjoy Netflix content for free without paying money. 
In this article, you can know how to get Netflix premium subscription for free. So follow this trick carefully to get Netflix premium subscription free.

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How To activate Netflix premium subscription free ?

1) First of all, you need a virtual credit card (Vcc)

2) You can use Icici Pockets app (Click To Download)

3) Download the app and create a new account

4) You will get a virtual credit card 

5) Load some money in Pockets Icici wallet through UPI (optional)

6) Now you will require a VPN app (Download Vpn)
7) After install open the VPN app and connect to Switzerland 

8) Now open the google chrome and go to Netflix website

9) Enter email and password to sign up

10) After sign up select the premium plan and click to ‘Continue’

11) Select the credit card payment option and filled Icici Pockets VCC card details

12) Now go to VPN app and disconnect it (Important Step)

13) Now back to payment page click to ‘Start Free Trial Membership Option’

14) It will ask to verify your card so click on it 

15) After that, you will receive a top just enter it (Don’t Click On Submit)

16) Now again go back to the VPN app and connect to Switzerland

15) Back to the card verification page and submit your OTP

16) After complete verification, you will get 30 days Netflix Premium subscription free

17) Enjoy !!


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