YSL Slots Apk Download: Get ₹20 Sign Up Bonus


YSL Slots, YSL Slots App Download: If you are a Rummy lover then you must know how popular Rummy is nowadays. Every day new Rummy app is launched into the market and already we have reviewed a hundred Rummy apps on our website. Now in this article, we will discuss another cash gaming app named YSL Slots which is launched recently.

YSL Slots is a very decent online gaming portal that is basically offered to play slots and some card games. The application looks very attractive but the disadvantage is it has very few games. Also, it has lack some features which other apps have.

If you download this application through the given link and log in with your mobile number then you will get a ₹20 bonus to your wallet. Apart from this, YSL Slots has one of the best referral programs which is similar to Teen Patti Mater, so with this referral program you can earn unlimited money and withdraw it into your Bank account easily.

YSL Slots Apk Download

App NameYSL Slots
Sign Up Bonus₹20
Refer & Earn₹20/Refer + 30% Commission
Minimum Withdrawal₹100
App Size62.64 MB
YSL Slots APK DownloadClick Here

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How To Log In YSL Slots?

The login process of the YSL Slots is very simple and there you will see two login methods Facebook and OTP. If you choose OTP login then you will get a ₹20 bonus instead of ₹10.

Follow the given instructions to log in to YSL Slots:

  • First, visit the link and download the YSL Slots app

Download YSL Slots APK

  • Then install the app and open it on your phone
  • Now choose the OTP log-in method

How To Log In YSL Slots

  • Enter your mobile number and OTP to log in
  • After logging in to the app you will get a ₹10 bonus immediately
  • But the rest ₹10 bonus can be received from the mailbox

YSL Slots ₹20 Bonus

  • So go to the mailbox and claim it
  • Now you have a total of ₹20 bonus

What Games Are Available On YSL Slots?

There are only 9 games available in the YSL Slots application, but unfortunately, the most popular game Dragon vs Tiger is missing that played by most users. But still, these games are not bad you can make some bucks playing these on your mobile.

Some games are locked which can be unlocked by joining VIP but the rest of the games you can play without VIP membership.

Games Available On YSL Slots

Here is the list of all games:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Video Poker
  • Cricket
  • Glamour Vegas
  • 777 Slots
  • Super Bonus
  • Candy Kindom
  • Ancients Belles

YSL Slots Referral Program

The YSL Slots referral program is one of the best referral programs which is the exactly same as the Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold applications. If you are using these applications then your referral earnings will be merged together when you sign in using the same mobile number.

With the referral program if you invite your friends and they download the YSL Slots application and log in to the app you will get a ₹20 bonus, also if they make deposits then you will get a 30% commission on that amount.

YSL Slots Referral Program

How To Refer Friends & Earn Money?

  • You must log in to the YSL Slots application
  • Then tap on the Free Cash option
  • Next, you have to sign in through the mobile number
  • Now you will see your referral link simply copy that and share it on WhatsApp, Facebook or anywhere
  • The more you share the more money you earn
  • You can withdraw all your referral earnings into the Bank account instantly
  • The minimum withdrawal is ₹1000

What Is VIP Perks In YSL Slots?

If you are using any Rummy application then you must have noticed the VIP feature, but the VIP feature of the YSL Slots is totally different. And you must join the VIP because without joining this some parts of the YSL Slots application will be restricted. For example, you can not play all games and withdraw winning money into the Bank account. Remember if you upgrade higher VIP lever then you will more be benefited.

VIP Perks In YSL Slots

How To Buy Chips In YSL Slots?

If you want to play games then you must buy chips. And you can buy it anytime when you need it. The value of chips is 1 chip= ₹1

Follow the steps to buy chips:

  • Open the YSL Slots application and tap the Buy option
  • Then select the number of chips you want to buy
  • Next, you will be redirected to a page where you have to submit a basic KYC
  • Enter your name, phone number, and email and submit
  • After submitting KYC choose a payment method that is suitable for you
  • Now complete the payment through the payment app
  • Your chips will be added to your wallet immediately

How To Withdraw Money From YSL Slots?

The withdrawal process of the YSL Slots application is very easy but before you withdraw the money you must deposit ₹100 or become at least VIP level 1. Once you meet the requirement you can make the withdrawal request.

Here are the steps to withdraw money:

  • Open the YSL Slots application and click the Withdraw option
  • Then add your Bank account or UPI details to receive money
  • Now enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit your request
  • Your money will be transferred to your Bank account instantly
  • The minimum withdrawal is ₹100


Q. How to download YSL Slots app?

A. To download the YSL Slots application you have to visit its official website from the given link here.

Q. What is the signup bonus of YSL Slots?

A. When you log in via OTP you will get a ₹20 bonus to your wallet.

Q. How many games I can play in YSL Slots?

A. There are 9 games available on the YSL Slots application that you can play and earn some bucks.

Q. What is the minimum withdrawal of YSL Slots?

A. YSL slots allow a minimum withdrawal of ₹100 in the bank account.



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