Jio Cadbury Offer- Create Card Card & Win DailryMilk Coupon


Jio Cadbury Offer

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Jio brings a new campaign Jio Cadbury Offer, create card on My Jio app and win free DailyMilk coupon.
Recently we have posted many many offers like these, check our old posts and win rewards. Jio Cadbury offer only fir Jio customers when they will get 25%, 50% and 100% off Dailymilk coupon. This offer is valid till 16th August 2020.

Jio Cadbury Offer- Create Card Card & Win DailryMilk Coupon

How To Get Free DailryMilk Coupon-

1) First of all, download the My Jio app from play store

2) Sign in using your Jio number

3) Go to Jio Engage Option & you will find “Jio Cadbury Offer’

4) Click on it and create your card

5) Just enter your name and your message

Jio Free DairyMilk - Create Card & Grab Free DairyMilk Coupon On MyJio

6) After creating your card download or share to your friends

7) You will get free DailyMilk coupon

8) You can check coupon at ‘My Winning’ section

Offer Details:

a. This Campaign will commence from 14th July 2020 and end at 11:59 PM on 13th August 2020 (“Campaign Period“). Any entries before or after the Campaign Period will not be considered. We reserve our right to cancel/modify/extend the Campaign Period or the T&Cs applicable to this Campaign as per our discretion and without giving any prior notice to You. No claims/questions shall be entertained in this regard.

b. In order to be eligible for the Campaign, during the Campaign Period, you must visit JioEngage.

c. Once you have accessed JioEngage, you may participate in this Campaign. The Campaign consists of two parts:
i. Pledge #SayThankYou and Make your Personalized Card;
ii. Share or Download the Personalized Card and stand a chance to Win a Coupon Code*;

d. You must follow the following steps to participate in the Campaign:
(i) If you have seen the notifications/ advertisement or otherwise come across the Campaign banner on JioEngage, MyJio, Jio TV, Jio Cinema or through notifications, you are required to click on the banner which will lead to the Campaign page under JioEngage on MyJio (“Banner”);
(ii) You will see a key visual of CDM Thank you bar, instructing you to click a button and take a pledge to thank all the unsung heroes who have helped you to lead your life comfortably during these difficult times;
(iii) You may then use the portal to create a customized #SayThankYou card in multiple languages of your choice;
(iv) Once you have created a customized card as mentioned above, you would have completed the first part of the Campaign;
(v) If you wish to continue and participate in the second part of the Campaign, participation of which is voluntary, you will have to share the card so created in the first part, on messaging / social media platform as per the options available while sharing and/or download the card (as image) on your device.
(vi) If you have completed all the steps above, you will get an E-Coupon (hereinafter defined) from JioEngage.
(vii) For India except the State of Tamil Nadu, if you scratch the E-Coupon, you will stand a chance to win discount of:
• 25% from 14th July to 15th July, 2020
• 25% or 50% or 100% from 16th July onwards until the end of Campaign Period
*For the State of Tamil Nadu, if you scratch the E-Coupon, you will win an assured discount of 25%.
(viii) E-Coupons as above may be redeemed at Reliance Stores (hereinafter defined) against the purchase of CDM Thank You bar / CDM Rs. 40 bar.
(ix) For any redressal of grievances, suggestions and/or concerns regarding the coupon from the Participants in the state of Tamil Nadu, such concerns can be redirected to Mondelez at 1800227080 or email at [email protected] or to Jio at [email protected].


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