How To Withdraw TNC Tokens To Bank Account Or Paytm| Easy Method


 Withdraw TNC Tokens To Bank/Paytm

TNC to Paytm, TNC Withdrawl Process, How to withdraw TNC to bank account, How to convert TNC to INR, Real Research TNC withdrawal- Do you have TNC tokens in your wallet and you wanna withdraw into your bank account then must have to follow this method.
Withdraw TNC Tokens To Bank/Paytm
Nowadays Cryptocurrency gained a lot of popularity and so many peoples are investing in Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins, Ethereum etc. There are so many apps in the market which are offering free Cryptocurrency like TNC tokens, PUML tokens, ASK tokens by completing small surveys or various tasks.
One of the most popular app is Real Research which offers free TNC tokens by completing small surveys. So in this article, you will know how can you withdraw TNC tokens into a Bank account. This is a simple process you just need to understand the trick. Read the full process below-
TNC Withdrawal Process Breakdown
Step 1- Real Research to Hotbit
Step 2- Hotbit to Coinswitch wallet
Step 3- Coinswich to Bank account

How To Withdraw TNC Tokens To Bank Account?

Step 1: If you want to withdraw TNC tokens from the Real Research app then you follow this method.
1) First of all, download the Hotbit app Click Here
2) Sign up your account with the referral code 1025499
3) Go to the Fund section and click on the Deposit option
4) Then search TNC and copy the two following addresses like this
5) Now open the Real Research app
6) Go to the wallet option and click on Send option
7) Enter your wallet Address, TNC amount and Momo correctly
8) Next click on Send option
9) Your TNC tokes will be transferred to Hotbit wallet (10 TNC will be charged)
10) Go back to the Hotbit Fund section and click on History to check records
Step 2: Now you have to exchange your coins TNC to BTC & BTC to TRX/BNB. Must note that coins values fluctuate according to the market, you can hold coins and buy or sell them later when their value is satisfied for you.
11) On the Hotbit app just click on the Market tab
12) Search TNC/BTC pair and select that
13) Click on the Sell option
14) Next step select the best selling price and click on 100%
15) Then click on Sell TNC to place your order
16) Your order will be placed and sometimes you have to wait for complete your order
17) Your TNC tokens will be converted to Bitcoin (BTC) you can view in the fund section
18) Now you can transfer your BTC to Coinswitch wallet but Hotbit takes high charges to BTC withdrawal. So in that case I will recommend you to convert your BTC coins to TRX or BNB coins so that you can withdraw it with low changes. Just follow the steps bellow-
19) To convert BTC to TRX or BNB just click on the Market tab
20) Search TRX/BTC pair and select that or search the BTC/BNB pair
21) Click on the Buy option
22) Simply click on the 100% option and select the lowest buying price (For TRX buying only)
23) Then click on Buy TRX to place your order and similarly your order will be completed
24) Now you can withdraw your TRX Coins to your Coinswich wallet with the lower charge
Step 3: Before you withdraw TRX coins you must create an account on Coinswitch and verify KYC and set up your bank account.
25) Download the Coinswitch app and complete registration Download
26) Open the Coinswitch app and go to the Market tab
27) Search TRX (TRON) coin and select that
28) Then click on the QR code option at the right sidebar
29) Simply copy the TRX address
30) Now go back to the Hotbit app and visit the Fund section
31) Just click on the TRX coin option and tap on Withdraw button
32) Now enter the TRX amount or select 100%
33) Next add your TRX withdrawal address and click on confirm
34) Then check a bit and click on Submit button
35) You will receive TRX in Coinswitch wallet
36) Now you can sell your TRX and receive money in your Bank account at any time
37) Selling process is very easy I hope you can do it yourself


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