Go India Test Your Colour Knowledge Event- Visit Any City & Win Up to ₹100


Go India Test Your Colour Knowledge Event

Google Pay Go India, Go India Test Your Colour Knowledge Event, Colour Knowledge Event Answers, Go India New Event Play Google Pay Go India Game and win ₹101-₹501 rewards. Google Pay recently launched an interesting game on the Google Pay app, where you can explore all cities in India and win up to ₹501 rewards. If you haven’t started the game yet, download the Google Pay app now. 

It’s a game where you have to collect city tickets and Kilometer (KM) to visits any city, you will get an event when you will visit the city join the event and extra rewards. There is a special event coming on 7th to 9th December 2020. It’s an interesting event test your color knowledge. Join that event, visit any city and win ₹5 to ₹100 reward.

How To Play Colour Knowledge Event In Go India Game-

1) New user need to download the Google Pay app

2) Open the app click on ‘Go India’ game 

3) Click on the Event to join

4) Play the color knowledge event

5) Visit any city and win up to ₹100 reward

How To Collect Ticket & KM-

Earn City Tickets:
  • Share a photo or the Go India map and earn 5 city tickets daily
  • Request ticket from your friend
  • Making Mobile Recharge
  • Purchase Google Play Store Recharge Code Via Google Pay Upi
  • Pay Local store or Online merchants
  • Pay DTH, Electricity, LPG bill etc
Earn KM:
  • Open daily and get Morning Gift
  • Gift a Go India city ticket to a friend
  • Share a photo or the Go India map
  • You can help your friends to collect KM
  • Use Google Pay to pay your friend on Google Pay
  • Do a bank transfer on Google Pay
  • Pay to another user’s UPI ID

Go India Test Your Colour Knowledge Event Answers

1) Which State Produces The Most Quantity of The Delightful Yellow Mangoes?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh

2) Alta Sindoor & KumKum – Part of many festivities, is found in which Colour ?

Answer – RED

3) How many Colors are There in The New Google Pay Logo ?

Answer – FOUR

4) Which Of The Following Cuties In India Is Popularly Known As The Blue City?

Answer – Jodhpur

5) Which State In India Has The Highest Green Forest Cover Are Wise?

Answer – Madhya Pradesh


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