Kitkat Grand Break Offer- Win ₹200, Smartphone, Bluetooth Speaker & More Rewards


Kitkat Grand Break Offer

Kitkat Grand Break Offer, Kitkat Grand Break Lot number, Kitkat offer- Kitkat running a promotional program which is offering free ₹200 cash, Samsung smartphone, Bluetooth speaker and more exciting rewards. To grab the offer you need to purchase a Kitkat pack of 12.8 g or 27.5 g. Recently Kitkat is offering 3 Months Amazon prime membership with Kitkat Chocolate bar 25g pack.

This is a simple process to win exciting rewards, you will get a lot number inside the pack and have to sent to the following number and lucky winners will win excing rewards. The program is valid from 15th January 2020 to 1st March 2020.

How To Participate In Kitkat Grand Break Offer-

1) First of all, go to the nearest market and purchase a Kitkat pack of 12.8 g or 27.5 g

2) Must check the Kitkat Grand Break Offer mentioned on the pack

3) Open the pack and you will find a lot number inside the pack

4) Now send an SMS following this format bellow

SMS KITKAT <SPACE> [Lot NumberSend to this number 9902391200

5) You will get a link via SMS

6) Click on the link and enter your name, mobile number

7) Then verify your OTP and you will get a scratch card

8) Just scratch the card you many win an exciting reward

Try this Kitkat lot number- 

  • KITKAT 03640454B1
  • KITKAT 03570454A1
  • KITKAT 03630454B1
  • KITKAT 03630454A1
  • KITKAT 03570454B1

Is there a Consumer Offer on KIT KAT? / What is the offer about? OR I saw an ad about KITKAT Grand Breaks Program. Can you please share more details? Yes, there is a Consumer offer, which is: The Participants get a chance to win either

Per minute prize- Winners will get per-minute prizes of Rs. 100/- (applicable on purchase of KITKAT 2 Finger Mini 12.8g only) or Rs.200/- (applicable on purchase of KITKAT 3 Finger 27.5g only) (Total number of winners is 720 for both KITKAT 2 Finger Mini 12.8g and KITKAT 3 Finger 27.5g combined).
  Per hour prize- Winners will get per-hour prizes (on purchase of KITKAT 2 Finger Mini 12.8g or KITKAT 3 Finger 27.5g) which can be any one of the following: Samsung Mobile (Samsung M01/2/32GB) or Acer Tablet (Acer One 7 4G 2 GB RAM) or JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speakers or JBL Headphone (JBL 500BT) (Total number of winners is 12 for both KITKAT 2 Finger Mini 12.8g and KITKAT 3 Finger 27.5g combined) . Prizes are only indicative and may. Prizes are subject to availability and continuation of models. In the event the above described models are not available, then Nestle India reserves the right to provide from the available models of smart phone or smart TV.

Is this program available on all packs of KIT KAT?

No, this program is only applicable on select packs of KITKAT 2F Mini (12.8g- Rs. 10) and KITKAT 3F (27.5g). This will be applicable only on the packs, which have the program communication on pack and not applicable for the KIT KAT stocks which do not have program communication on the front of pack as stocks may be available without this offer

What is the program period?

The program is valid from 15th January 2020 to 1st March 2020 (both days inclusive)

What is the process of availing this offer?

On purchase of KIT KAT 2F Mini (12.8g- Rs. 10) or KITKAT 3F (27.5g for Rs.20) pack, participants will find a 10 digit LOT NO. under the seal. Participants can SMS this code to 9902391200 in the prescribed format (“KITKAT LOT NO.”) mentioned on side panel of pack to participate in the Offer. For E.g.-If the code is 1234567890 the format to send the SMS will be “KITKAT 1234567890”. Participants will get a link where they can register their mobile number to scratch and get a chance to win prizes

How many times can I win the Grand breaks Program?

Maximum of 1 prize for 1 mobile number

is the program valid throughout India?

Program is valid in all states in India except the state of Tamil Nadu

Can I buy as many KIT KAT Grand Breaks program packs as possible and participate with each of the code mentioned under the seal of the wrapper?

A consumer can participate as many times as possible during the promotion period but will be eligible for only one gift during the complete promotion period.

I bought a KITKAT Grand Breaks program pack before 15th January 2020. Am I eligible to participate in the program?

The program period starts from 15th January 2021 to 1st March 2021 (both days inclusive). If you have participated using the unique code before 15th January 2021 you will not be eligible for participation in the program. However, you can use the unique code inside the wrapper to participate any day from the start of program period (15th January 2021) till end of program period (1st March 2021).


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